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Do you want to know more about the 120Marathonman epic challenge?

We have answered the most frequent questions that have been frequently asked. If you have a question please visit the contact page to get in touch.You can also support the 15 Charities by visiting the crowdfunding page.

What is the 120Marathonman challenge?

A  The 120Marathonman challenge is to complete a marathon 26.5 miles a day for 120 consecutive days, Starting in North Yorkshire on 21st March 2020 and returning in 18th July 2020.

How is the 120Marathonman challenge being funded?

A This is a totally self funded event with all costs being met by Graham. All monies raised through events, just giving and other sources will be donated to the 15 selected charities.

Where will the 120Marathons take you to?

The 120Marathons will visit all the English counties during the challenge, as well as both the French Camino via Spain and the Portuguese Camino before returning from Europe via Jersey and a Guernsey, through Wales, Isle of Man, Ireland, Northern Ireland,Scotland and one marathon on a Ferry!!

Are you going alone?

A This is where you come in, you can come and join us on any of the 120Marathons, and complete all or part of one. I will also be travelling with my wife  Marion who will be playing the crucial role of logistics manager, Marion will also be completing part marathons in the U.K. and more in Europe. We will also have Tilly our 3 year old dog with us who is capable of completing 5 miles a day.

How long have you been training for this?

We have been training over the last 18 months and this will continue until we leave

How did you choose the various charities?

We have chosen a combination of 15 National and local registered charities that have played some part in either our personal or working lives and all that provide essential care and services. They can be split into 90% medical and caring charities and 10% art projects.

How far will you be going?

The marathons will cover a distance of 3180 miles ( 120 x 26.5), with an estimated 58,000 steps per day which equates to just short of 7 million steps. If you imagine walking from Leeds to New York City that will just about cover it.

Will we be able to follow you?

If you don’t want to literally follow us by joining us on a marathon , then you will be able to virtually join us by following the daily route and tracking our progress.